Bula vinaka and welcome to Fiji’s Credit Bureau

Data Bureau began its operations in Fiji in 2001, an initiative of a group of financial institutions and insurance companies.Today it boosts 100% of the financial market as members of the Credit Bureau, hire purchase companies and all major credit providers are also members.
The Credit Bureau has become very successful in terms of information sharing amongst its members. The contribution to our success is our continuous efforts to maintain a highly accurate and timely credit reports to our members.
In debt recoveries, in 2011 (from July to June) there has been a huge increase from 2010, with over 12million debts recovered, this amounted to over 9,900 debtors, with half that amount recovered for the same period the year before. The beauty about this service is that it is absolutely free. We do not make a commission on the recoveries nor do we charge a fee for the uploading of files. Members are only charged for their membership or for the use of the credit search services.

We have close to 90% of the consumer market as active files on the Credit Bureau, which amounts to over 312,000 files.

We would like to introduce our new service targeting our volume users of the Business to Business (B2B) functionality.
It s functionality is dedicated to reducing time spent on accessing the Credit Bureau and performing credit checks by 80%. The B2B is also dedicated to flagging discrepancies in the reports which is not offered through our normal service. For more information, please call our office on 3302400.